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Published: 12th November 2010
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From the wide of range of Burberry’s excellent designer products come the Burberry jackets - a line of coats that will easily set you apart from your peers who are not willing to pay the cost for this exquisite item of wear. Since the 1900s when their first jacket was made, Burberry has grown to become the gold standard in jacket wear thanks to their unique tartan design that has since been imitated by so many fashion houses. These jackets are available in an excellent selection that is always up to date with all the design trends in the fashion industry.

It is only right to begin describing these jackets with the Burberry trench jackets which bear the trademark tartan pattern. The trench jackets come in every possible design and in those same designs is a great assortment of tastes. Burberry Jackets are made from either lamb’s wool , cashmere , cotton or nylon . In this collection you certainly cannot miss jackets suitable for the different seasons.

The jackets from Burberry can only be described in words such as sexy, elegant and powerful. The influences and inspirations for Burberry wear are all referable to the original trademark trench jackets and coats. Themes such as those of rock and roll, urban grunge and others are seamlessly intertwined into the original design to emerge with edgy outlooks that are reminiscent of the past fashions but which are infused with modernity to generate a refreshing final product.

There is also the complete line of quilted Burberry coats that have been designed in jacket style. This line provides a variety of styles for men and women. The designs featured here include the long, short, London, and wind breaker, among others. Burberry endeavours to provide quilted jackets that are easy to wear and which suit every fashion taste bud.

Also available are jackets under the Burberry Prorsum collection. This line features double breasted jackets with stamped buttons, shoulder boards/epaulets, shearling cuffs equipped with double buckled fastenings, and long sleeves. These jackets are made of 100% real leather that has the cracked texture or feel. Meant for women, these Burberry jackets go well with tights and miniskirts.

There is no doubt that the military trend still plays a major role in the designs of Burberry jackets but there are varieties that come across as less hardcore depending on the degree of masculinity involved in the designs. With a choice of either zippers or studs, you quite cannot predict the designs possible with Burberry’s leather jackets.

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